Smart Document Shredding Practices in 2024

Smart Document Shredding Practices in 2024

Shredding practices in 2024

2024 is here, offering a fresh opportunity to bolster your document destruction practices. Here are a few smart shredding resolutions to make for the New Year.


1. Update Your Final Disposition Schedule
Document retention and disposition policies should be updated every year. Since retention and disposition obligations vary from industry to industry, seek the advice of your accountant and/or attorney. Track final disposition dates in your document retention policy so records are promptly destroyed at the end of their retention period.


2. Get Rid of Paper Clutter
You’ve accumulated a pile of paper records during 2019. On-Site Confidential Shredding can help you set the tone for an organized 2024. We bring our document shredding trucks directly to your business. When we are finished shredding, we haul away the destroyed documents for recycling. We will then issue a Certificate of Destruction noting the date and time.


3. Automate Shredding
Using an office shredder is time consuming and since you don’t always have time to shred documents, in-house shredding increases privacy breach and non-compliance risks for your company. A scheduled shredding service with us eliminates hand feeding documents into a shredding machine. On a regular schedule, we shred your unwanted documents for you.