Turn to us for fast and secure onsite document destruction.


Every Company has confidential data that needs to be destroyed of properly. If this sensitive data ends up in the wrong hands, it could cost your company thousands of dollars. On-Site Confidential Shredding will assist you in developing a data destruction management system. From bulk purges to systematic files, we can insure that you’re firm is compliant with all state and federal mandates regarding information security.


If you examine other means of removing your sensitive data, they include companies that primarily deal in recycling. They send their employees to your location to remove your material. Our on-site service eliminates the dangers of multiple handling of the data and the transportation in unlocked vehicles. Just imagine how many times there is an opportunity for someone to steal the data your clients and employees have entrusted  to you.

Our Goal

To ensure that our clients are aware of how important it is to properly, and in some cases legally, destroy sensitive material. Several states have enacted legislation regarding destruction of personal information. The federal government has weighed in with HIPAA regulations regarding medical records and the GLB Act regarding consumer information. We guarantee your company will never have to worry about this information being used against you, your clients or employees.

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Secure and earth-friendly, on-site document destruction.